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Employing Digital Workplace Personas

Reduce complexity and make smarter decisions through personalized IT

End Users Are People Too

Employees’ technology needs are as diverse as their coffee orders, so why are so many stuck with the same vanilla tools? 

It’s not that IT doesn’t care. In fact, we’re in the midst of a digital employee experience revolution where IT, business leaders, and employees from all corners of the globe recognize a need for improvement. But delivering personalized resources and services can be extraordinarily complex in large, distributed environments that are constantly changing. 

Still, we know that tailored experiences will delight and empower the workforce. That’s where workplace personas can help. 

Why Traditional Personas Fall Flat

From software development to marketing, personas play an essential role in understanding an audience. For IT, personas supply a way to intelligently group users based on roles, work styles, and behaviors. By better understanding the employees they’re supporting, IT can deliver tools and support based on real need, not presumption. 

However, most persona initiatives are one-off projects that quickly become outdated because of employee turnover and organizational changes. This traditional approach lacks a sustainable model, resulting in minimal gain for the time and cost needed to complete a persona project. 

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A Better Model for IT Personas

To overcome the challenges of static workplace personas, IT must adopt a continuous management model that automates the process:


Detect users in the environment, what technology they have, and how they use it


Identify what persona groupings would be most useful and define those characteristics


Add or remote users as employees join or leave the organization

When used in this way, personas are useful tools for distilling users down to a manageable number of user types, and to communicate and discuss their goals and needs over time.

Adaptive Workplace Persona Management with Lakeside

Lakeside’s Digital Experience Cloud supports adaptive workplace persona management, providing flexibility and dynamic insights that evolve with your organization.

Onboard with Ease

Help facilitate the on-boarding and off-boarding process, as well as track persona changes when an individual moves from one job to another or from one location to another within an organization.

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Make Smarter Procurement Decisions

Segment and plan user provisioning so users can be more easily supported with hardware, software and services in a unified workplace environment.

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Optimize Based on Real Need

Provide segmentation for SaaS licensing such as deciding which users would be fine with Office 365 E3 and which users need Office 365 E5.

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Take the Guesswork Out of Hardware Refreshes

Execute a targeted refresh process rather than the expensive, one size fits all refresh process that most companies use today.

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