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Digital Workplace Productivity Report 2022

Understanding workforce productivity in a digital age

In the two years since the outbreak of COVID-19, remote and hybrid work have become the norm for knowledge workers around the world, yet business leaders have started to express anxiety about the long-term productivity of distributed workforces. In this report, Lakeside Software breaks down the impact technology has on overall productivity and employee retention while also highlighting how business and IT leaders can help realize the potential of their digital workplaces.


Lakeside Software’s Digital Workplace Productivity Report 2022 is based on a global survey, conducted in 2022, featuring responses from 200 C-level executives, 200 IT leaders, and 200 employees from organizations of different sizes, revenue, and levels of DEX maturity.

Report highlights:

Employees report working at only 60% of their potential productivity capacity

Employees are losing almost 1 hour per week due to interruptions and downtime

36% have considered leaving their employer because of poor digital experience

Work and the office used to be synonymous. But work isn’t a place anymore. It is wherever people perform at their best. And that can be at home, in the office, on the road, and anywhere in between. Companies need to recognize this, and instead of focusing on physical office locations, create work-from-anywhere experiences powered by digital workspace solutions that give employees the space and tools they need to succeed, wherever they happen to be.

Traci Palmer

Vice President of People and Organization Capability, Citrix

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