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Your path to success with SysTrack by Lakeside Software

Lakeside collects the most accurate, comprehensive, and real-time data from every endpoint every 15 seconds. But how do you turn that data into actionable insights with proven ROI? The Lakeside Software Velocity Framework acts as a roadmap for success, guiding IT and business leaders on how to extract strategic insights from this industry-leading data.

Value Blueprints

The Velocity Framework provides powerful Value Blueprints created for the most common use cases. We have built proven paths to solving your biggest pain points, so you can gain rapid insights into real-time health, usage, and performance of an organization’s entire IT estate and identifying areas for improvement.

Proven Results

$1.5 Million Saved in Hardware Refresh image

$1.5 Million Saved in Hardware Refresh

Using the Hardware Optimization Value Blueprint, a large U.S. government agency discovered nearly 30 percent of its laptops could be replaced with Chromebooks during the annual refresh process.

Increased Self Help for 10,000 employees image

Increased Self Help for 10,000 employees

A leading data analytics and research firm enhanced self service capabilities for its employees through a Teams form and browser bookmark backups using the Self Help Value Blueprint.

Decreased incidents by 35% image

Decreased incidents by 35%

With the Helpdesk Ticket Avoidance Value Blueprint, a major health insurance company used SysTrack to arm front line call center employees with data on WiFi signal strength, length of time since last reboot, and other common issues so that the users resolve the problem before an ticket was reported.

See Measurable Returns from your Investments

Learn how you can realize value through increased productivity, reduced hardware and software costs, automated issue detection and resolution, and ultimately enhancements to the digital employee experience.

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