DEX Visibility

See the hidden issues and smartest fixes to make the biggest impact in end user experience 

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Identify the most impactful areas to improve digital employee experience (DEX), using the industry’s best data to provide complete visibility across the IT estate

Data-Driven DEX Insights

With the barrage of IT support tickets, how do you know what to fix first or what will have the most impact on DEX? By monitoring the overall health of an estate and related end-user productivity impacts, you can identify the greatest impacts within an environment to prioritize and focus remediation techniques on those areas. 

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  • Increased User Efficiency
  • Reduced User Impacts
  • Improved knowledge of the health of the estate with greater visibility into what affects the end-user experience

Did you know? 

SysTrack collects over 10,000 datapoints every 15 seconds from every endpoint device in an IT estate. Building off this massive amount of data, organizations can customize DEX visibility scores, categories and thresholds to be specific to their business needs. 

Remediation with SysTrack’s Health Score and Automations

  • Identified and remediated 1,400 systems with an average CPU utilization of 95%
  • Discovered excessive memory paging and CPU throttling from a OneDrive.exe file consuming more than 1 GB of memory
  • Upgraded memory and reduced page fault rate through SysTrack automation 

Our Approach to DEX Visibility

Configure Health Score thresholds based on specific business requirements 

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Phase 01 – Project Start

Phase 02

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Determine a baseline Health Score

Identify and analyze poorly performing devices

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Phase 03

Phase 04

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Remediate issues through intelligent automations 

Return on Value calculations 

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Phase 05

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