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Bring unprecedented visibility to your Splunk instance

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Turn Data into Doing

Search, analyze, and visualize SysTrack data with Splunk for actionable insights. SysTrack captures 10,000 data points every 15 seconds from more than 1000 sensors investigating the endpoint. Pull data into Splunk to combine with other business data to search and report on every facet of your IT estate and create dashboards so you can easily communicate even your most complex data stories

That is what Lakeside’s integrations for Splunk accomplish. If you currently use Splunk, Lakeside can further reduce time and effort required to resolve IT issues, bringing the end user back to full productivity sooner.

Streamline your ITSM and reduce MTTR

Visualize Big Data from Your Endpoints

Gain actionable insights quickly by creating interactive charts, graphs, tables, and dashboards so you can explore data from various angles to identify trends and anomalies. Enhance data-driven decision-making and articulate insights to stakeholders across the organization, regardless of their technical background.

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Stay up to date with trends

Stay updated on the overall health of your IT estate by keeping track of data over time. SysTrack not only collects data from deep inside the operating system, it also collects data for all devices and retains historical data so you can see trends that help you make better decisions for applications and systems under your control.

Integrate with other data sources

Break down information silos and aggregate data so you can focus on problem-solving and not data gathering. Use data from across your monitoring and management toolbox to get a more accurate view of what is happening so you can take the right approach to fix problems and improve IT performance across the organization.

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