Hardware Optimization 

See the biggest savings by taking a data-driven hardware right-sizing approach

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Optimize hardware use across your organization to improve end user experience and realize cost savings.

Get the Most out of your Hardware 

When it comes to hardware, IT teams often struggle to gain visibility into the performance of these assets from a user perspective, not to mention how they’re actually being used. Derive the most value out of devices across your organization by understanding exactly what end users need and when they need it.

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  • Efficiency: Maximizing hardware utilization to make the most efficient use of resources.
  • Cost Savings: Monitor and optimize hardware utilization to identify underutilized resources and potentially reduce the need for hardware purchases.
  • Sustainability: Reduce energy consumption and minimize the carbon footprint of running hardware-intensive operations.

Did you know? 

Organizations have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars using SysTrack for hardware optimization. With our unparalleled data collection plus our unique Velocity Framework, some of the largest global companies count on Lakeside to support need-based and data-driven approaches to hardware refreshes and right-sizing strategies. 

Hardware Rightsizing & Reclamation for Global Enterprise: 

  • Evaluated endpoint data on 5,000 laptops planned for refresh
  • Determined 1,400 could be replaced by Chromebooks
  • Identified a savings opportunity of nearly $1M 

Our Approach to Hardware Optimization 

Work with the organization to define device criteria based on business goals 

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Phase 01 – Project Start

Phase 02

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Deploy SysTrack to collect accurate, real-time endpoint data 

Analyze hardware monitoring, system health, battery life and more 

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Phase 03

Phase 04

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Identify machines for optimization or refresh

Return on Value calculations 

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Phase 05

Ready to see measurable returns with Lakeside Software?