SysTrack delivers unique, actionable insights derived from the most accurate, comprehensive, and real-time view of endpoint data.

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Real-world value for Modern IT

When you can see it all, you can do it all. Lakeside enhances capabilities across your IT estate, powered by data from our SysTrack platform.

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Help Desk

Get a better view of endpoint health and end user issues, empower your help desk with actionable insights for increased efficiency and employee productivity, and offer a disruption-free digital workplace for your entire organization.

Digital Employee Experience

Measure, analyze, and optimize employee digital experience whether end users are in the office, at home, or anywhere in the world. Get rapid insights that allow your IT teams to prioritize and proactively address the most urgent challenges affecting digital employee experience.

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Proactive IT

Heal IT issues before anyone even notices them with intelligent automations that predict, visualize, and alert on problems. Minimize disruptions, optimize help desk operations, and enhance productivity, all while providing the right insights at the right time.

IT Transformations

Support strategic digital and IT transformation projects by providing visibility into how employees are interacting with digital technologies. Identify areas where your organization may need to invest in new technologies or redesign existing workflows to support digital transformation efforts.

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Observability & Insights

Improve efficiency, reduce costs, and drive business outcomes using a single source of truth that delivers the most complete view of IT health, end-user issues, bottom-line KPIs, intelligent productivity cost calculations, and competitive benchmarking. 

Enabling Technologies

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Resolve issues on the endpoint without intervention from IT.

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Multiplatform Support

Monitor endpoints across a range of operating systems.

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Manage physical and virtual environments with confidence.

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Sensors & Automation

Help your team become more efficient with workflows.

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Unlock comprehensive IT insights, optimize your help desk, and ensure positive digital experiences. Explore our solutions!

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