Software License Optimization

See what software is being used across your entire IT estate and identify areas for cost savings

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Rationalize software subscriptions based on need and usage and stop paying for unused licenses. 

Are you paying for unused software? 

Software can be a significant expense for many companies, but how do you know if you’re overpaying for software licenses that may not be needed or may not even be used? With accurate, real-time data from every endpoint in your estate, you’d gain a better view of shelfware and software bloat. With the right data and tools, you can quickly see how much a dynamic software rationalization strategy can save your organization.

Screenshot of Are you paying for unused software?
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  • Gain visibility into your estate’s software deployment and end-user application use
  • Save money from license reclamation
  • Remove software bloat by identifying unused applications
  • Maintain compliance with software licensing agreements

Did you know? 

The Lakeside SysTrack platform can collect usage information and focus time for all applications run and installed software packages on endpoint devices. This means, you can see what software has gone unopened or unused in the past 6 months with just a few clicks. 

Software License Reclamation for a Global Bank:

  • Identified an application they had more than 66,000 licenses that was going unused 
  • Saved $4.8M in 12 months 

Our Approach to Software License Optimization 

Identify costly software subscriptions

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Phase 01 – Project Start

Phase 02

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Outline associated costs 

Collect data on unused software packages

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Phase 03

Phase 04

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Identify licensable software for reclamation 

Return on Value calculations 

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Phase 05

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