IT Transformation

Drive exceptional workplace modernization projects with lower risk, cost, and timelines with unmatched analysis of the IT estate 

Conquer IT Transformations with clarity 

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Objective health insights needed for efficient rightsizing and performance management 

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Inventory, usage, and performance details to manage application stacks

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The right data to assess, plan, and execute IT transformation and migration projects with ease

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Rationalize hardware

Derive the most value out of devices

Take a data-driven approach to refresh cycles and device procurement with utilization, performance, and configuration details of nearly every IT resource in the digital workplace. IT teams have access to the data and assessment tools needed to determine what assets are available, accurately right-size devices, meet hardware requirements, and even strategically roll out IT transformations based on personas or user groups.

Analyze and optimize applications

Automate software license management

Understand which software packages and web-based applications are actively being used across the enterprise. SysTrack’s ability to quickly audit applications helps IT optimize licenses, ensure compliance, and move to automated role-based provisioning.

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Assessment summary and design recommendation

Transform desktops

Launch IT transformation and migration projects with ease

Migrate to the latest OS version, adopt virtual desktops, and improve change management with years’ worth of historic data for your IT estate. SysTrack’s comprehensive endpoint support, frequency and granularity of data collection, and prebuilt dashboards and reports help IT accurately size and scale the future.


Explore the Benefits of Objective User Data for IT Procurement Decisions

Eliminate guesswork by using endpoint data to right-size your digital environment

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