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Only Lakeside has the data to power AI models that enable IT teams to proactively resolve their most complex issues.

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Why Lakeside Software?

The best business outcomes come from the best view. And the best view comes from the best data. See why so many of the world’s largest brands trust Lakeside to give them a better view.

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& History of Data

Depth, Breadth
& History of Data

Collect more data than anyone else.

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See across your entire IT environment.

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Root Cause

Diagnose and resolve issues at scale.

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Win the race to AI with the best data.

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Diverse Os

Gain visibility across any OS.

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Out of the Box Features

Access built-in AI, automations, scripts and more.

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Depth, Breadth & History of Data

Lakeside has the industry’s best data. With 10,000 data points every 15 seconds and 1,200+ sensors assessing every endpoint, Lakeside’s SysTrack platform collects more telemetry and endpoint performance data than anyone else. Plus, SysTrack retains the granularity and contextuality of the data for 3 years, supporting continuous improvement.

End-to-End Visibility

Lakeside lets you eliminate blindspots. Lakeside’s SysTrack platform collects data both on and offline, across enterprise and external networks. Finally, you can see the health, performance, and usage of endpoints across your entire IT estate with no gaps in the data or insights.

Root Cause Analysis

Lakeside accelerates troubleshooting for the most complex technical challenges. Combining historical and real-time data across the IT estate, Lakeside’s SysTrack platform runs automated diagnostics and provides detailed drill downs for help desk technicians triaging either physical or virtual desktops. Plus, generative AI-powered guidance provides technicians step-by-step instructions on how to resolve issues based on the specific needs of the environment. We help you move from root cause to resolution faster.

AI Ready

Today’s AI-driven world is built on data. Lakeside delivers the right data at the right time to win the race to AI. Our unmatched breadth, depth, and history of data fuels today’s most sophisticated AI to accelerate issue resolution and proactive IT, to fix problems before they start. With Lakeside’s AI capabilities, SysTrack will act as an extension of your system engineering team.

Essentially, you ground this AI experience in the information that pertains specifically to your organizations, without having to take on all of the back-end work yourself to get there. Those grounded results are really what you need to get the most accurate and actionable results — which ultimately increases the efficiency and velocity of our customer’s businesses as a result.

– Jake Speyer, Field CTO, Moveworks


Diverse OS Support

Don’t let your visibility be limited by your operating system. Lakeside has the most comprehensive OS support. Get real-time visibility, analytics and insights into Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. With the broadest device support, the most extensive OS support, and the ability to collect data even when the device is offline, Lakeside offers  the flexibility to support your entire organization. 

Out-of-the-Box Features

Lakeside gives you everything you need to transform your IT organization. With 10,000 metrics collected, 1,200+ intelligent automations enabled, and 300,000+ endpoints supported out of the box, SysTrack provides customizable combinations of applications and dashboards to augment all aspects IT with out add-ins or additional expenses. 

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