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Drive exceptional IT projects with lower risk, cost, and timelines with unmatched analysis of the endpoints that power employees.

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Get ahead of the constantly evolving IT environment

If one thing is constant in IT infrastructure, it’s the constant change. From new device installation and enterprise-wide deployments or massive migration projects, IT infrastructure leaders have to manage countless challenges. Lakeside Software offers the industry’s best telemetry and endpoint experience data to give you a better view into any upcoming issues that may hurt your budget, timeline, or successful deployment.

Current Challenge

  • IT is made aware of issues only after end users report them. 

Lakeside Solution

  • Proactively monitor the health of devices, gain insight into user experiences, and leverage data insights from AI to take early action. 
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Take a Proactive IT Approach

Find and fix IT issues before they become disruptions.

Lakeside filters industry-leading endpoint and experience data into high-intent signals of future problems. These insights plus specially designed tools help IT teams easily get ahead of tickets and business-disrupting problems, saving both employees and engineers from frustrating queues.

  • AI-enabled diagnostics leverage the most comprehensive endpoint data to detec real-time problems.
  • Proactive alerts inform the right teams before a widespread issue takes place.
  • Persona-based workflows help proactively prioritize incident resolution.
  • Intelligent automations resolve known, unreported, and early stage issues at scale.

Current Challenge

  • Lack of visibility into what devices users actually need to do their jobs. 

Lakeside Solution

  • Optimized devices and improved employee productivity with objective and time-comparative data.
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Hardware Rationalization 

Reduce costs and employee frustration with perfectly sized devices.

Lakeside’s SysTrack platform provides automated data collection across the broadest range of physical environments with and without an internet connection. This visibility delivers objective insights needed for efficient right-sizing cycles, including:

  • Plan: Analyze user need and track hardware and software utilization
  • Transform: Deploy accelerated and measured desktop transformation project
  • Optimize: Continuously monitor and optimize assets based on user needs
  • Understand: Understand performance and impacts to employee productivity and resolve discovered issues.

Current Challenge

  • Software applications go unused or continuously crash. 

Lakeside Solution

  • Reclaim unused software licenses and resolve incidents faster with complete visibility into systems and applications.
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Manage Application Stacks Across the Enterprise

Remediate challenging application issues and optimize licenses.

Lakeside’s SysTrack platform surfaces meaningful data from the end-user perspective to right-size license counts and determine where problems start alongside their magnitude — whether it’s an HTTPS error, crash, fault, or lag. Troubleshoot and resolve issues at scale for your estate’s:

  • Software Performance and Utilization: Gain a clear, user-centric understanding of performance, usage patterns, and resource dependencies.
  • Web Application Analysis: Spot, troubleshoot, and correct problems with SaaS-based applications with meaningful data from the end-user perspective.

Current Challenge

  • New environments are improperly planned or scoped, leading to failure.

Lakeside Solution

  • Faster time-to-value and reduced risk related to change and digital transformation efforts.
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System Migrations and Transformations

Remove unanticipated risk and cost roadblocks.

The visibility of SysTrack’s data across all types of endpoints and into user experience facilitates a deep understanding of resource demands, asset utilization, and the scope needed for transformation projects. Measure the success of change initiatives with Lakeside through:

  • Assessments: Scope and plan projects without guesswork. Identify the best fit users for changes, compatibility requirements, and other risk factors.
  • Dashboards: Benchmark, audit, and report key insights to business leaders from a single pane of glass.
  • Health Scoring: Prove end-user optimization with a single quantitative benchmark.
  • Budget: Maximize project budget with personalized, data driven asset decisions.
  • Integrations: Migrate with confidence by integrating with virtualization solutions, including Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, and VMware Horizon.

Current Challenge

  • IT initiatives carry a negative sentiment from the business due to risk, cost, and time.

Lakeside Solution

  • Delight business stakeholders with speed and agility in response to specific business challenges.

Agile Change Performance 

Solve new business challenges with speed and agility.

Lakeside provides unmatched data depth, scoped for the needs of specific IT initiatives. Out-of-the-box customization to data helps IT demonstrate the positive impact of digital workplace challenges, including:

  • Windows 11 Migration: Simplify your IT estate’s readiness and rollout of Windows 11.
  • SQL Server Administration: Manage SQL server health for peak efficiency in the workplace.
  • AVD Assessment and Management: Manage exceptional Azure virtual machine experiences from pre- to post-migration.
  • Web Browsing Intelligence: Maximize employee experience on the web.
  • Vulnerability: Secure your estate from known vulnerabilities.


Get ready to launch a new IT system

IT system migrations don’t just happen. It takes planning, preparation, and plenty of data. See how you can help your organization’s next IT system deployment really take off. 

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