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Transform the way your teams work and enhance productivity with a better view of the complete digital employee experience.

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Enable Employees with the Right Technology

In today’s modern and technology-enabled environment, employees use digital tools, platforms, and technologies to collaborate, communicate, and perform their work. As your organization embraces a more connected and digitally-driven way of working, gain confidence in your digital workplace strategy by using the industry’s best data to enhance productivity, streamline processes, and improve communication and collaboration among your team and beyond.

Current Challenge

  • Employees are frustrated with the technology they need to do their jobs, but don’t always report issues to IT.

Lakeside Solution

  • Visibility into comprehensive endpoint data so that you can see issues without relying on employee reports. 
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Uncover blindspots in your employee’s digital experience

Reduce employee frustration with seamless interactions with workplace technology.

Traditional help desks typically wait for incidents to be reported and then react to resolve them as quickly as possible. However, with up to 80% of employee IT issues unreported, such a reactive process is inefficient and often ineffective. Support your remote and hybrid workforce with:

  • Depth, breadth, and history of data to capture the entirety of the end-user experience
  • End-to-end visibility of endpoint performance, usage, and health across the organization
  • Intelligent automations to identify disruptions and resolve them before they impact productivity 

Current Challenge

  • Network reliability, shadow IT, and lack of visibility with employees working from dispersed locations. 

Lakeside Solution

  • A complete view of the health, performance, and usage of endpoint devices, both on and offline, no matter the location.
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Design an Employee-Centric Digital Experience 

Moving toward a more productive digital workplace.

With changing and dispersed workforces, employees rely on their hardware, applications, and network connections to do their jobs. The choices you make today could have a direct impact on your organization’s ability to build a strategic digital workplace, attract the best talent, and remain flexible and responsive enough to thrive in the future of work.

  • Understand the user experience, both objectively and subjectively using the most comprehensive data in the industry
  • Provide the right equipment to the right person at the right time
  • Create high performing, resilient IT environment
  • Use generative AI to connect with employees in the tools they use everyday, like Slack or Teams

Current Challenge

  • Technology disruptions and downtime impact overall productivity.

Lakeside Solution

  • Mitigate productivity impacts through real-time visibility of the root cause of IT issues and automated fixes to address disruptions.
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Ensure Employee Uptime

Address the biggest productivity disruptions with the right data.

Employees rely on their device performing properly for them to be productive. Service desk, application managers, infrastructure teams, and IT leadership need to work together to provide effective digital environments for employee productivity through

  • Visibility: The more visibility your IT team has into endpoint data, the more effective you can be in resolving, or even preventing, issues.
  • Right-Sized Tools: Ensuring employees have the right tools for their specific job duties can go a long way in preventing frustration and improving productivity.
  • Collaboration: Flip the script of from “reducing employee downtime” to “ensuring employee uptime” to make sure the communication tools employees rely on are always working.
  • Intelligent Analytics: Gaining visibility into the health, usage, and performance of the full IT environment offers the data you need to make the most strategic, informed decisions on how technology is impacting productivity. 


Uncovering the Value of Data to Transform the Digital Workplace

Discover six game-changing benefits of real-time and historical data for IT.

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