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Win the race to AI with the right data at the right time.

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Photo of Leapfrog automation with data

Leapfrog automation with data

The race to AI starts and ends with data, and the better the data, the better the outcome. Fix problems before they start by using insights and predictive analytics from the data gleaned by Lakeside’s SysTrack platform. 

Lakeside has long been the leader in data and proactive IT innovations –  SysTrack’s patented data collection and storage allows the platform to aggregate and analyze vastly more endpoint and telemetry data than anyone in the world. It then structures this extensive amount of data in a way that allows IT to extract actionable insights, make data-driven decisions, and see measurable returns. With the release of the SysTrack Intelligence Package, gleaning relevant insights from this data has never been easier

Power AI models

Get fresh data across a range of devices and operating systems by collecting more than 10,000 data points every 15 seconds across your entire endpoint estate, with 3-year retention of actionable observations.

How AI/ML Support Helps

Graphic of Automated Self-Service 

Automated Self-Service 

Serve “silent sufferers” proactively before they file a helpdesk ticket and meet employees where they are with quick answers.

Graphic of Intelligent Support

Intelligent Support

Reveal answers to complex IT problems, fill knowledge gaps, and reduce ticket volume for your organization with built-in generative AI. 

Graphic of Predictive Issue Identification

Predictive Issue Identification

Spotting issues across devices can be challenging. Identify what’s normal and not for your environment based on current and historical data. 

What data do you need for effective AI?

In an Enterprise Strategy Group study, 31% of organizations said the limited availability of quality data is impacting their AI implementation. Learn why the quantity and breadth, depth, history, and structure of data matter for effective AI in “The Essential Role of Data and Data Quality in IT-related AI Model Training”.

Featured Integrations 

Enrich your entire IT ecosystem with SysTrack data intelligence.

Graphic for Find out if Lakeside is right for your organization with a PRODUCT DEMO

Find out if Lakeside is right for your organization with a PRODUCT DEMO