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Gain the most comprehensive view of enterprise IT health, powered by the industry’s best data.

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Make Data-Driven Decisions 

Today’s IT executives have to lead their teams through transformational projects while still delivering exceptional support each day, all while meeting budget goals and resource constraints. Let Lakeside Software help by giving you a better view across your organization so that you can use the most comprehensive endpoint data to be confident in your decisions.

Current Challenge

  • IT health, end-user productivity, and downtime datasets are siloed and not in business context.

Lakeside Solution

  • Single source of truth to optimize employee productivity, reduce downtime, and influence the bottom-line.
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Achieve Complete Observability 

Access a single source of truth about IT performance and employee experience 

Lakeside’s SysTrack platform is the foundation of strategic planning at the management and board level.

  • The Intelligent Edge captures massive amounts of user-centric data at each end-user device – 10,000 data points every 15 seconds – through a combination of sensors, agents, and user sentiment surveys.
  • Broad system coverage of all endpoints in the estate (hard, physical, and virtual) across all OS and device types.
  • Continuous IT issue detection even when they aren’t reported by end-users.
  • Pattern and trend visibility through executive-focused dashboards surface how investments in service delivery or technology resources impact groups of users.

Current Challenge

  • Loss of revenue from reactive support, lost productivity, and rising ticket costs.

Lakeside Solution

  • Reduced costs with efficient usage of IT assets and personnel.
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Drive Efficiency within IT

Address IT issues before they affect the bottom line 

Lakeside’s SysTrack platform is the foundation of effective IT teams.

  • Deep data insights help service desk technicians resolve issues, desktop engineers identify device needs, and IT leaders understand the scope or severity of technological challenges.
  • Specialized workflows for L1, L2, and L3 allow technicians to drill down and investigate the root cause of issues.
  • Automation at scale ensures an optimally performant digital environment.
  • Dashboards get IT leaders ahead of top issues across the enterprise to prioritize personnel, spending, and assets.

Current Challenge

  • Inability to measure the impact of technology performance on the bottom line. 

Lakeside Solution

  • Data-driven decisions about time, spend, and resource allocation to justify digital transformation initiatives. 
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Align IT with Business Outcomes

Assess and communicate the positive impact of IT investments 

Lakeside simplifies the translation of technical data to business metrics.

  • Health scores provide instant visibility into system health and digital experience at the individual and organizational level, advising where to prioritize improvements.
  • Intelligent calculations sense employee behaviors and only monitor active employee time, ensuring that the productivity cost calculations are precise and actionable. 
  • Productivity tracking correlates health and performance trends with factors that influence the business’ bottom line. As productivity is positively influenced by right-sized devices, less downtime, and fewer ticket submissions, the total output of the organization rises.

Current Challenge

  • Declining employee morale, engagement, and retainment leading to poor customer experience. 

Lakeside Solution

  • Improved employee sentiment, retention, and digital dexterity through persona-based IT.
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Deliver Employee-Obsessed IT 

Win the talent war, enhance hybrid work, and retain your workforce 

Lakeside’s SysTrack platform was purpose-built to help IT understand and optimize digital work environments to support the needs of employees no matter where they work.

  • Persona management helps key stakeholders across the management team gain a clear understanding of what tools and support employees need for maximum productivity.
  • Community benchmarks add context to internal performance analytics, targets, and growth with comparisons against all companies and your own industry and geographic region.
  • Fast issue resolution reduces employee frustration through out-of-the-box automation and shift-left-focused service desk workflows.

Current Challenge

  • Uncertainty related to digital transformation initiatives leads to dissatisfied peers.

Lakeside Solution

  • Greater business confidence in IT decisions that could impact business outcomes.
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Elevate IT within your Business

Accelerate key IT initiatives while mitigating risk and controlling costs.

Lakeside’s library of out-of-the-box customization and dashboards helps IT leaders plan, launch and report on digital transformation and change initiatives.

  • Green IT: Put sustainability at the forefront of business strategy through employee experience.
  • Employee Wellbeing: Prioritize the mental and physical health of your workforce.
  • Vulnerability: Secure your estate from known vulnerabilities.
  • Windows 11 Migration: Simplify your IT estate’s readiness and rollout of Windows 11.
  • Microsoft Teams: Optimize enterprise-wide collaboration and experience on Teams.


For any digital transformation project, you need one thing: Visibility

As an IT executive, you know the journey to a successful IT project isn’t easy — especially without knowing what exactly lies ahead. Learn why visibility is so critical. 

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