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Digital Workplace

Lakeside Software is the first and only cloud-native Digital Experience Platform, enabling companies to deliver an incredible digital employee experience wherever their employees are working. By collecting the most precise edge-based device telemetry data available, Lakeside’s Digital Experience Cloud is the only solution that can accurately measure the entirety of user experience, help IT proactively improve employee engagement, and be flexibly implemented across a highly distributed environment.


Built for the Future of Work

Whether your employees are across the room, in the next town, or on the other side of the globe, we help you ensure they have an optimized digital experience.

Transform Your Entire Helpdesk Experience

As employee IT incidents become challenging to resolve, both ticket costs and MTTR rates are escalating at an alarming rate.  Assist addresses both challenges head on.  By instantly prioritizing and rapidly solving common device issues through single-click automation capability, Assist dramatically improves both overall helpdesk efficiency and end user experience.

Don’t Just Think. Know.

You cannot fix and improve what you do not know. By capturing the entirety of end-user experience, Lakeside is able to provide IT with the most complete and accurate set of actionable data available.  When you see more and know more, you can ultimately do more.

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How SysTrack Works

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  • Shift IT from reactive to proactive
  • Reduce MTTR by up to 30%
  • Improve helpdesk and employee productivity
  • Reduce software and hardware budgets
  • Better enable the success of your digital workspace and digital transformation initiatives


Make the Leap to Proactive IT Operations

With built in artificial intelligence that delivers insight to your teams without having to rely on submitted tickets, our solution helps you proactively resolve incidents before they affect your users.

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SysTrack AIOps for End-User Computing

Eliminate Your User Experience Blind Spots

Through detailed historical understanding and smart dashboards designed to prioritize help desk activity, you can accelerate root cause analysis, remediate quickly, and improve MTTR. 

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Digital Experience Management for ServiceNow

Digital Experience Cloud Platform

Lakeside’s digital experience management platform helps you proactively measure, analyze and optimize your employees’ digital experience anywhere they are working. By capturing and analyzing the industry’s deepest set of end-user experience data, our solution provides rapid insights that allow your IT Teams to prioritize and proactively address the most urgent challenges affecting employees’ digital experience.

Improve end-user productivity
Reduce overall end-user costs
Accelerate digital transformation

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