Proactive IT Ops Resolution

Get a better view across the entire IT estate to anticipate and mediate technology issues before they impact the end user

Screenshot of Proactive IT Ops Resolution


Have a single source of truth for IT health across the estate to inform a proactive IT approach 

Adopt a Proactive Mindset

Traditional approaches to IT ops resolutions have been reactive, where IT teams respond to incidents after they occur. With the industry’s best data, Lakeside Software provides a single source of truth for endpoint data across the entire IT estate to simplify a complex environment into a dashboard view. Now, you can identify and address potential issues and challenges in IT operations before they lead to service disruptions or impact the performance of systems. Adopt a proactive and preventive mindset and ensure the reliability, efficiency, and security of your IT infrastructure.

Screenshot of Adopt a Proactive Mindset
Screenshot of Outcomes


  • Holistic visibility of devices, applications, networks, and employee sentiments
  • Balanced data breadth and depth that scales without losing granularity
  • Ability to proactively address and mitigate problems even when you are not connected to the network

Did you know? 

Lakeside collects more telemetry and endpoint data than anyone in the industry in our SysTrack platform, with tools built specifically for proactive IT solutions out of the box. No matter how complex your IT estate, SysTrack allows you to identify and investigate sensors that trigger in your environment so that you can configure intelligent automations to build a proactive resolution program. 

Proactive IT for a Global Healthcare Company

  • Enabled 25+ SysTrack automations
  • Established proactive outreach for VPN, high uptime, low wi-fi signal, and other common issues 
  • Reduced 30,000 incidents across the enterprise 

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