SysTrack + Moveworks

Leverage quantitative and qualitative data to improve employee experiences

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Connect people and systems through the universal UI of language

When organizations struggle to see the hidden issues or root cause of digital workplace problems, Lakeside Software’s SysTrack reveals the solution. When employees expect help the moment they need it, wherever and whenever they ask, conversational AI from Moveworks meets them where they are with answers. When used together, enterprises can shift service delivery left and begin to provide truly proactive IT. By integrating these solutions, organizations can see a reduction in ticket volume, mean time to resolution and costs per ticket resulting in increased help desk efficiency, self-service capabilities, and overall employee productivity.

Deliver Proactive IT Services

Shift from reactive to predictive. Serve more end users by using analytics and AI to enable proactive ticket avoidance, resolve issues where behavior changes are necessary, and send quick, targeted end-user communications.

Deliver Proactive IT Services

Increase self-service capabilities

Promote self-service via conversational AI and drive efficiency while improving user satisfaction. Empower employees to resolve routine issues independently to reduce response times and improve productivity. Align with modern user expectations for instant access and self-guided resolutions to problems and questions.

Automate Fixes

Automate self-service and proactive service delivery at scale with generative AI and promote mass-self-healing of endpoints using the power of large language models so you can bring proactive IT solutions to the systems employees use every day and meet them where they are: On Slack, Teams, or other messaging solution.

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The benefit of what Moveworks and Lakeside are partnering on together is the value of on-device reporting, measurement, and actions that could be taken with Lakeside — among all the other things that the platform provides. This, of course, is combined with a conversational layer Moveworks has built using a myriad of large language models that work together to take in knowledge, forms, and actions from ITSMs and more. This means that, as a user, you don’t have to disambiguate between which model you want to fine tune to get expense information or VPN troubleshooting, etc. Essentially, you ground this AI experience in the information that pertains specifically to your organizations, without having to take on all of the back-end work yourself to get there. Those grounded results are really what you need to get the most accurate and actionable results — which ultimately increases the efficiency and velocity of our customer’s businesses as a result.

Jake Speyer, Field CTO, Moveworks

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