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Plan and manage your VMware environment for optimal end-user experience.

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Validate and monitor your VMWare virtualized environment

Many organizations are investigating tools to help provide insight into the environment and end-user behavior. The challenge is some tools providing insight into a virtual environment do not support a physical environment, and the tools that do support the physical desktop community often suffer limitations with scalability or are extremely costly. SysTrack provides visibility into both physical and virtual environments without scalability limitations.

Streamline your ITSM and reduce MTTR

VMware Horizon

VMware Horizon enables organizations to deliver digital workspaces on demand. The solution provisions virtual or remote desktops and applications through a single VDI and app virtualization platform to streamline management and easily entitle end users. SysTrack provides comprehensive pre-virtualization analysis, modeling and planning support for enterprises and data centers.

With a SysTrack-led assessment and user segmentation analysis, users who are great candidates for Horizon will be identified and can be moved to the next phase while other users can either stay the course or consider other VMware solutions.

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vSphere is VMware’s virtualization platform designed for building cloud infrastructures. With vSphere, VMware supports today’s digital transformation: from data center consolidation to business continuity to enhancing application performance to operation automation.

By optimizing VMware Horizon and VMware ThinApp implementations, SysTrack enables IT to fully exploit their VMware vSphere configurations and maximize IT infrastructure efficiency.

vRealize Operations (vROPs)

VMware vRealize™ Operations together with SysTrack provide the visibility necessary to support a VMware Horizon™ environment exactly when you need it most. Auditing and monitoring of any Windows-based device can be easily accomplished with SysTrack to ensure a better level of IT service is delivered to the end-user community at a lower overall cost.

vRealize Operations and SysTrack together provide deep insight into the end-user environment, giving IT a clear understanding of usage patterns and the health of the user environment. These solutions also provide actionable intelligence, giving IT the specific data needed to make implementation decisions that will better utilize IT resources and deliver superior user experience.

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App Volumes

App Volumes is a real-time application delivery system that helps you instantly deliver applications and manage the application lifecycle. One of the most compelling aspects of the VMware portfolio, App Volumes allows for detailed management of user application entitlements and ThinApp packages without complicated provisioning.

But how can you optimize delivery of this solution?

SysTrack helps you map out a complete plan for App Volumes implementation by reviewing which users and groups require a core set of applications to develop workload groupings for virtual desktops. After helping you design your ideal App Volumes implementation and use cases, SysTrack helps you maintain an optimized VMware environment by continuously monitoring it for any declines in key performance metrics.


AirWatch by VMware expands the management ability of IT administrators into mobile devices outside of the traditionally managed ecosystem by enabling application distribution policy solutions and store management for mobile devices. With SysTrack, you can now determine if AirWatch is right for your management of existing systems or BYOD, identify which candidates may benefit from mobile management, design a smooth implementation, and continuously monitor your AirWatch environment.

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“We are pleased to work with Lakeside on their assessment, management, and optimization offering that provides tangible guidance on how to take full advantage of VMware Horizon™. SysTrack enables customers to fully use VMware Horizon by helping maximize IT infrastructure efficiency and delivering a comprehensive desktop experience.”

Eric Frieberg, Former Vice President, Marketing End-User Computing, VMWare

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