SysTrack + Qualtrics

Leverage quantitative and qualitative data to improve employee experiences

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A holistic view of individual experiences

In today’s digital workplaces, support tickets and surveys aren’t enough for a complete view of employee experience — especially when an average of 40% of IT issues go unreported and survey response rates can vary from company to company. By enhancing the endpoint visibility of SysTrack with the sentiment data captured from emails, chat responses, and other sources, enterprises gain an in-depth understanding of an employee’s overall digital experience.

Unified Dashboard

Understand system health and user sentiment in a single pane of glass

Keep a pulse on power users to gain a deeper understanding of issues that are causing friction for others. Drawing from datasets from Lakeside SysTrack and Qualtrics XM, this integration provides IT with a full picture of the employee technology experience across the organization. By providing both technical and experiential visibility, IT teams can quickly identify and focus on issues that are having the biggest impact on employees and the overall business.

Real-Time Alerts and Employee Feedback

Identify and resolve IT issues before they negatively impact users

To proactively address critical issues, teams will leverage SysTrack’s more than 1,300 sensors to identify potential issues and send immediate Qualtrics surveys to affected end users. With near real-time feedback, teams can understand how much users are being impacted, troubleshoot issues quickly, and set up measures to prevent future problems. If a possible Wi-Fi issue were detected and threatened to become widespread, for example, IT could access sensor data to generate an email list of those who would be impacted and send a survey to better understand what they’re experiencing.

Targeted Power User Pulsing

Prioritize problems that are frustrating employees the most based on feedback

IT teams will also create precision survey campaigns by using SysTrack’s segment data — user groups based on job requirements, resource usage, work styles, etc. — to target the right people on a regular basis. If IT wanted to fully evaluate the performance of an app, for instance, it could create a survey campaign targeting employees who spend a certain amount of active time on that app per week. By comparing observations from infrequent users and power users, IT teams can gain a better understanding of whether there is a deeper issue with the app or if there are other circumstances – such as updates or configurations – that are causing friction for certain users.

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