Root Cause Analysis

Leverage historical data and AI-powered guidance to resolve complex, estate-wide issues.

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Quickly understand and resolve challenging IT incidents using a single source of truth

Rapidly Move from Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to Resolution

IT technicians are responsible for navigating overwhelming ticket volumes caused by continuous changes to employee devices, estate-wide dependencies, and business-critical applications. Lakeside Software helps IT remove inefficiencies while diagnosing issues, moving from root cause to resolution faster.

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  • AI-supported identification of issues and the fastest path to resolution 
  • Accelerated troubleshooting and incident resolution 
  • Heightened visibility into physical and virtual desktops 

Did you know? 

Lakeside’s SysTrack platform contains a built-in “Black Box” that allows technicians to dive deep into system and application data at the time of an incident and discover actionable insights for resolution. This interactive dashboard helps IT triage issues faster by drilling into the heart of the problem. 

Requirements for Effective RCA 

  • Intelligent Support: Generative AI-powered guidance on how to resolve complex IT challenges based on the specific needs of the environment.
  • Dependency Map: Visually relate performance, status, and latency to a specific ticket.
  • Offline Support: Collect data around the clock and perform deep root cause analysis, even when the endpoint is offline.
  • Historical Data: Go back in time to the moment of an incident to review system health and performance when employees were struggling.

Our Approach to Root Cause Analysis 

Robust endpoint data collection, including real-time and 3-years of historical data

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Phase 01 – Project Start

Phase 02

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Monitor endpoint data wherever that endpoint may be used, even offline or outside the enterprise network 

Analyze data against hundreds of sensors with SysTrack’s Intelligent Edge

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Phase 03

Phase 04

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Leverage analysis to quickly diagnose and resolve issues at scale 

Engage automated workflows and mass-healing actions to resolve issues proactively

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Phase 05

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