OpenAI-powered Intelligence

Accelerate Issue Resolution with Generative AI

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Tailor Support to Users and Endpoints

Combine unmatched data collection from SysTrack with today’s most sophisticated large language models trained on comprehensive knowledge bases to do more with less. Without leaving the SysTrack platform, L2 and L3 technicians see step-by-step instructions, powered by OpenAI, describing how to take action on the massive amounts of data coming from Lakeside’s Intelligent Edge.

With built-in AI, SysTrack now provides guidance on how to overcome IT challenges and can dynamically interact with your team to adjust that advice to the specific needs encountered in your environment.

Streamline your ITSM and reduce MTTR

Simplify Troubleshooting

Say goodbye to costly inefficiencies and unresolved issues hidden in the dark estate. Get step-by-step instructions on how to address issues directly from SysTrack Intelligent Support. Make troubleshooting simple by providing everyone with a better view, along with deep insights that simplify Root Cause Analysis, ultimately bringing faster time to value and better ROI for large and complex IT enterprises.

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Reduce MTTR

Bridge the gap between specialist IT teams and generalist help desk staff with AI to reduce MTTR and assist with ticket avoidance altogether. Eliminate the need to pass tickets and issues around the organization because of knowledge gaps and information silos. Intelligent support harmonizes IT operations, making them more efficient, responsive, and cost-effective than ever before.

Prevent Additional Escalations

SysTrack sensors sift through thousands of data points to identify issues and unreported problems. Take the power of these sensors and feed them into a generative AI engine powered by OpenAI to reveal answers to complex IT problems, prevent escalations, and reduce ticket volume for your organization.

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