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Orchestrate exceptional help desk efficiency to resolve tickets faster and identify the true root cause, with the industry’s best data.

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Tackle Help Desk Tickets with Complete Visibility

IT operations and support can be a thankless job. It can seem that as soon as one ticket is resolved, three more appear in its place. How do you ever get ahead? Accurate, real-time data from across all endpoint devices. With better data, you can realize better results like seeing the moment an incident occurred to reduce MTTR and costs, avoiding new tickets with proactive alerts and automated resolutions, and delivering true self help capabilities. 

Current Challenge

  • Ticket backlogs, long mean time to resolution (MTTR), and missed SLAs from minimal root cause analysis performed at L1/L2 level.

Lakeside Solution

  • Reduce MTTR with AI-enabled, automated, and actionable remediation recommendations.
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Actionable Insights for L1/L2

Reduce MTTR and ticket escalation rates.

Lakeside’s SysTrack platform enables real-time and historic root cause analysis (RCA) for all the devices employees rely on, and surfaces single-click resolutions. To reduce the need to escalate to highly skilled teams, L1 and L2 technicians can leverage AI insights, data collection, analysis, insights, and feedback for a user in a single pane of glass, including:

  • Detected Issues: Automate the analysis of issues in real-time and understand how many employees have this problem.
  • Auto-fixes: Run scripted automation from your IT team to immediately resolve the problem.
  • Surveys: Gather feedback and sentiment after closing a ticket.
  • Performance Details: Identify areas of concern to troubleshoot.
  • Automation: Run sensor-driven auto-fixes for common issues.

Current Challenge

  • Lack of information breadth, depth, and context causes increased resolution costs and timelines.

Lakeside Solution

  • Fast issue identification with less user involvement and higher levels of insight.
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Resolve Complex Tickets Swiftly 

Expedite the time spent troubleshooting escalations with deeper visibility and AI-powered answers.

Lakeside’s SysTrack platform provides unmatched visibility into physical and virtual endpoints to help L2/L3 differentiate symptoms from the root cause and identify the quickest path to resolution. Deep dive into the problem with targeted analytics from the most granular data collection from front end to backend.

  • Intelligent Support: Generative AI-powered directions to resolve complex IT challenges.
  • Dependency Map: Visually relate performance, status, and latency to a specific ticket.
  • Application Analysis: Keep users productive and collaborative on the SaaS applications and software they rely on most.
  • Black Box: Go back in time to the moment of an incident to review system health and performance when employees were struggling.

Current Challenge

  • Reactive resolution without knowledge of how many users are experiencing an issue.

Lakeside Solution

  • Predict and prevent IT issues before impacting productivity.
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Prevent Business-Disrupting Issues

Identify and correct both reported and unreported issues.

Lakeside’s SysTrack platform harness the power of rich digital experience data and intelligent insights to assess the full landscape of IT issues by severity and breadth within a single pane of glass. Lakeside makes robust proactive service operations possible for more members of the IT support team with:

  • Dynamic Grid Visualization: Prioritize high-impact resolutions based on severity and system count.
  • Mass-heal: Take a hands-off approach to remediation with sensor-based action scripts.
  • Tailored Search: Find and fix problems by performance, vendor, and more.

Current Challenge

  • High rates of unhappy users stuck in a long queue and unreported tickets from silent sufferers resulting from minimal use case visibility.

Lakeside Solution

  • Optimize employee uptime and satisfaction, reduce incoming tickets, and right-size assets across the estate.
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See IT Issues Across the Estate from One Tool

Triage service issues and solve specific use cases.

Lakeside’s SysTrack platform provides unmatched data depth, scoped for the needs of specific IT service delivery challenges. Out-of-the-box customization helps service desk professionals understand the IT estate holistically for the most common use cases, including:

  • Microsoft Teams: Optimize enterprise-wide collaboration and experience on Teams.
  • Google Workspace: Maximize productivity and experience across Google applications.
  • Proactive IT: Solve performance issues before they’re felt by employees.
  • Proactive Hardware Monitoring: Manage hardware performance and inventory for improved productivity.
  • Remote Working: Understand the digital experience of your distributed workforce.


Reducing MTTR for IT Support 

Being asked to “do more with less” with your support team? Discover five tips to reduce MTTR without asking more of your already-strained help desk.

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