AI That Speaks IT

When you give AI that is purpose-built for IT better data, you can give everyone a better view.

Save Time & Money with the SysTrack Intelligence Package

With IT expenses soaring and technology disruptions demanding the attention of multiple staff members, the need for a smarter, more efficient solution has never been more pressing. Recognizing these challenges, Lakeside leveraged its unparalleled collection of high-quality, well-structured IT data and proactive IT capabilities to create AI models purpose-built for IT. Its groundbreaking SysTrack Intelligence Package is positioned to revolutionize IT operations.

Read the full press release: Lakeside Software Unveils AI-Powered Intelligence Package.

What will you do with AI that speaks IT?

See the future before it happens 

Identify problems and get to the root cause of those problems before the end user notices an issue.

Ask a question,
get a real answer

Use simple, natural language to query real-time and historic data and get results in graphical or csv formats. 

Fix the right things faster

Harness the combined power of generative AI and SysTrack sensors to troubleshoot complex issues faster.  

AI Purpose-Built for IT

Watch how Lakeside’s proprietary, embedded AI engine and rich, structured dataset to enable IT teams to proactively resolve complex issues.

Using the Lakeside SysTrack platform, organizations can collect massive amounts of trustworthy, relevant data from their endpoints,

virtual desktops, and virtual applications, giving IT a complete visibility of endpoint performance and IT health across the digital workplace. This data can be used to fuel AI that has been trained on IT data, ultimately resulting in a model that is not only IT-aware, but also attuned to an individual customer’s specific usage patterns and needs.”

Gabe Knuth, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group


The Essential Role of Data and Data Quality in IT-related AI Model Training

Graphic for Find out if Lakeside is right for your organization with a PRODUCT DEMO

Find out if Lakeside is right for your organization with a PRODUCT DEMO