Change Performance

Understand the true impact of the IT changes on your digital workplace

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See and measure the positive or negative effects of an IT change before full-scale rollout

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  • Data-driven insights into potential impacts of major changes to end-user platforms
  • Visibility into how new software, hardware, or other devices will interact with your current IT estate 
  • Quantifiable measurement of effects of IT changes on the end users 

Did you know? 

Lakeside’s SysTrack platform collects more telemetry and endpoint performance data than anyone. This data offers the most comprehensive visibility into not just the current state of an IT estate, but also the impacts of any changes to that estate. Only SysTrack’s end-to-end visibility allows you to understand the impact of IT changes before implementing across your end-user compute platforms. 

Avoid Blindspots in IT Change Projects 

  • See how the user experience could be negatively impacted by your upcoming data migration and learn how to prevent disruptions before rollout  
  • Determine if the latest software upgrades you’re deploying to your estate are going to do more harm than good
  • Assess if a new security agent you’re deploying will run in harmony with the rest of the agent-ecosystem on your end user devices
  • Measure the positive effects of the right-sized hardware your IT team deployed to report progress to leadership

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