Windows 11 Migration

Simplify your IT estate’s readiness and rollout of Microsoft Windows 11

Photo of Lakeside software running on Windows 11.


Accelerate the journey to Windows 11 with data-driven insights

Get a Better View of Windows 11 Enterprise Migration

Windows 11 is Microsoft’s newest OS standard, but business adoption and roll out to legacy hardware presents challenges for IT. In addition to the technical requirements, IT must also consider employee experience, application incompatibility, or degradations in performance that can impact downtime and overall productivity. Lakeside Software collects and analyzes more endpoint data than anyone else in the industry. With better data, you can see better results – and that means a more seamless Windows 11 rollout. 

Photo of Get a Better View of Windows 11 Enterprise Migration
Photo of Outcomes


  • Gain insight into hardware readiness
  • Surface relevant application stability or performance issues
  • Track performance impacts on systems, applications, and resource consumption
  • Report migration progress across the organization

Did you know? 

Lakesides’s Windows 11 Migration DEX pack, one of many key solutions in the Lakeside DEX Library, is designed to assist with your journey to Windows 11. SysTrack can help you determine hardware and application readiness, identify actions to take to get your estate ready, assess Windows 11 performance and monitor the progress of the rollout.

Migrate to Windows 11 with Confidence 

  • Microsoft will end support of Windows 10 in October 2025
  • A well-planned migration strategy can minimize potential disruptions and take full advantage of the benefits offered by the new operating system
  • SysTrack’s unmatched endpoint data can offer IT teams visibility to migrate employees with minimal disruption while balancing compliance, budget, and security concerns

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