Self Help

See the most common issues and allow employees to easily fix them with built-in automation. 

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Empower employees to resolve IT issues independently

Give Employees the Self Help Tools They Need 

Many employees dread submitting a help desk ticket, and others just won’t and end up suffering in silence. When it comes to simple IT issues, though, they shouldn’t have to reach out to IT for help. Instead, empower your employees to resolve issues and get back to full productivity sooner while also reducing the burden on L1 support through IT self-service.

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  • End users are confident in helping themselves with a simple self-help tray to fix issues.
  • Reduced costs and service desk tickets.

Did you know? 

Automations are the backbone of self help capabilities, and SysTrack featured more than 200 out of the box. Plus, you can easily create your own to address your organization’s most common issues and empower your employees to fix basic issues on their own. 

Saving Time through Self Help: 

  • Deployed SysTrack’s automation to avoid more than 1,200 incidents
  • Employees addressed issues independently with Quick Assist
  • More than 100 hours saved for the service desk in one month

Our Approach to Self Help

Analyze and prioritize tickets related to the organization’s common user complaints

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Phase 01 – Project Start

Phase 02

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Configure SysTrack automation to address ticket types

Empower employees with Self Help tool

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Phase 03

Phase 04

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Continuously audit automation and monitor tickets

Return on Value calculations 

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Phase 05

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