Mergers & Acquisitions

Streamline the integration of multiple IT systems and devices throughout all stages of M&A 

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Use telemetry and endpoint data to aid in the due diligence, integration, and operational-related implementation of M&A transactions

Accelerate Due Diligence and Integration

When facing an M&A, there are several considerations IT teams need to keep in mind. Lakeside Software helps alleviate the pain and risk associated with technology due diligence with unmatched visibility of endpoint data, enabling you to quickly assess new environments, begin managing new hardware and software, and push integration projects forward to meet timeline goals.

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  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Streamlined system integrations
  • Enhanced cybersecurity
  • Improved employee experience

Did you know? 

Lakeside Software gives organizations a better view across their entire IT estate. During a merger or acquisition, this view can help organization’s gain insights into a target company’s IT estate and its operations, performance, and overall health. 

End User Computing after M&A 

  • After a 5-year period of M&A, a London-based organization had a complex EUC environment with legacy systems and application versions.
  • It used SysTrack to gain complete visibility into what software, applications, and versions were installed where. 
  • The EUC team identify key systems for enterprise-wide use and streamlined the number of versions and applications. 
  • Ultimately, they increasing the overall health score of the entire IT estate. 

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