Green IT 

Put sustainability at the forefront of IT and business strategies

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Reduce your organization’s carbon footprint through technology performance, usage, and planning

Make IT Ops and Infrastructure More Sustainable  

The technology in an IT estate has a significant environmental impact — including millions of tons of emissions and e-waste that can be directly attributed to servers, data centers, and computers. This offers a unique opportunity for IT to make a positive impact with thoughtful green IT strategies. Lakeside Software helps organizations reduce their carbon footprint with deep insights into energy consumption, printing and e-waste, and power usage throughout the IT estate while highlighting opportunities to reduce. 

Photo of Make IT Ops and Infrastructure More Sustainable  
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  • Identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption
  • Differentiate carbon footprint across persona, geography and device type 
  • Reduce paper waste and printing costs
  • Optimize hardware purchases based on needs, not refresh times 

Did you know? 

Lakeside Software’s SysTrack platform collects data from endpoints across the IT estate to deliver end-to-end visibility. Organizations can easily turn this visibility into actionable insights with the dashboards and solutions provided in the Lakeside DEX Library, including the Green IT DEX pack. This pack helps organizations reduce their carbon footprint through technology performance, usage, and planning.

Reduce Costs through Sustainability

  • IT departments that prioritize energy efficiency can achieve significant savings for enterprises over time.
  • Taking action to reduce e-waste can also mean an organization doesn’t need to refresh equipment as often.

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