End User Computing

Create a positive and efficient EUC experience for both end users and IT administrators

Photo of End User Computing


Provide a flexible and efficient computing environment that empowers end users while maintaining IT visibility and management

Photo of Outcomes


  • A better view across the full EUC environment 
  • Centralized visibility across and management of devices, applications, and data
  • Secure access to applications and data from various devices and locations to support hybrid/remote work
  • Improved collaboration and enhanced end user experience  

Did you know? 

Lakeside’s SysTrack platform gives you dashboards to track device health scores, productivity impacts, and application and device performance data. Built from the industry’s best data, you can easily see trends in your EUC infrastructure and end user experience. Plus, SysTrack’s proactive IT workflows allow you to instantly detect, visualize, alert on, and heal experience-disrupting issues before end users notice — improving and optimizing the holistic EUC ecosystem. 

Visibility to Help Your EUC Team: 

  • Enable end users to work more efficiently and productively by providing them with the technology they need
  • Support a flexible work environment by allowing users to access their applications and data from various devices and locations
  • Streamline IT management by centralizing the control and administration of devices, applications, and data, reducing the complexity of managing diverse endpoints
  • Integrate various technologies, such as virtualization, cloud computing, and mobile device management, to create a seamless and cohesive computing environment

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