Endpoint Compliance & Governance

See the hidden issues across your IT estate to identify and mitigate potential areas for compliance and governance risks

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Reduce risk and ensure your IT estate meets compliance standards

Ensure Compliance across the IT Estate

If endpoints are not complying with company policies, it can put the entire organization at risk. Maximize device health and security by identifying patching issues and poorly performing applications.  Plus, gain visibility into shadow IT and ensure that endpoints are fully compliant with your organization’s policies. 

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  • Reduce security risks and investigation and resolution time.
  • Proactively prevent downtime and productivity loss to ensure systems are stable enough for business-critical applications.
  • Maximize system performance through optimal resource assignments.

Did you know? 

The Lakeside SysTrack platform can quickly give you insight into all the versions of operating systems, system BIOS versions, and application versions to help identify compliance issues and mitigate risk. 

Visibility into Potential Compliance Risks: 

  • Discovered multiple non-compliant versions of Windows 10 across an estate, which turned out to be home devices that should not have been used to access company resources
  • Alerted one organization’s IT team to significant non-compliance of systems that were not configured to the required encryption level as well as failed encryption tasks
  • Identified significant faulting of a Secure VPN client across an estate, along with multiple, unpatched versions

Our Approach to Endpoint Compliance & Governance

Identify potential areas of business risk 

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Phase 01 – Project Start

Phase 02

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Use SysTrack to identify non-compliance devices

Examine applications for crashes and out-of-date versions

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Phase 03

Phase 04

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Investigate whether security products are updated and functioning correctly

Take actions to ensure compliance

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Phase 05

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