Help Desk Ticket Avoidance

Take a data-driven proactive IT approach and prevent help desk tickets.

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Shift your service desk left and reduce the number of tickets. 

How much could you save by decreasing help desk tickets? 

With the right data, you can avoid some IT tickets altogether. Lakeside Software identifies trends in the issues driving help desk tickets based on accurate, real-time endpoint data. Using this data, you can proactively resolve common issues before the employee submits a ticket.

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  • Increased efficiency through proactive resolution of issues before they become tickets.
  • Improved digital employee experience.
  • Faster time to resolution.
  • Reduced overall cost of providing support.

Did you know? 

Help desk backlog and overstretched budgets are two of the most common challenges IT teams face. With more than 10,000 data points coming from endpoints every 15 seconds, SysTrack can easily identify issues before they become tickets and take some of the burden off L1 technicians.

Avoiding Tickets for a Multi-National Bank: 

  • Identified high service desk call rate requesting a Bitlocker recovery key
  • Automated the rest of the key through SysTrack
  • Estimated 800 calls per month avoided

Ready to see measurable returns with Lakeside Software?