Lakeside SysTrack Webinar(英語)

Watch our webinar 50 minute webinar where David Taylor Senior, Consultant from Lakeside will show you how SysTrack can be used to monitor and manage every aspect of user experience and infrastructure.

Lakeside Systrack is used every day by professionals from Microsoft, Citrix and VMware around the world to:

  • Measure end to end user experience from the desktop to the datacentre
  • Troubleshoot root cause of user and performance issues
  • Understand application license usage across devices and users
  • Capacity planning for virtual desktop infrastructure and servers
  • Hardware and software inventory
  • Identify bottlenecks and health issues across the IT estate

Benefits include:

  • Reduced productivity impact for end users
  • Identification of license and hardware savings
  • Reduced help desk costs
  • Lower power consumption
  • Better end point and VDI security