Analysis of Windows 10 versus Windows 7

Performance Implications with Office 365

We first published this paper during the initial launch of Windows 10. Lakeside Software was invited to be a launch partner for the Microsoft Windows 10 and Office 365 Enterprise Launch event series called “Ignite Your Business.” At each event, we had the opportunity to interact with hundreds of IT professionals. The most popular question we heard by far was “How does Windows 10 performance compare to Windows 7?”

This question drove us to do an initial investigation into performance implications of moving from Windows 7 to Windows 10. We turned to Community data derived from thousands of anonymous physical and virtual endpoints using Lakeside’s analytics engine, SysTrack. The SysTrack agent sits directly on the endpoint, providing an analytics solution that provides complete insight into any environment by exposing all facets of technology which impact and control end-user experience. Since publication, we have heard increased interest from our clients about the performance implications of a Windows 10 transformation specific to Office 365. To build on our earlier discussion, this paper now includes additional analysis of Office 365 based on the latest data from SysTrack.

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