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Building an IT environment that matches end-user needs for productivity; that is what our SysTrack Assessments aim to do. We have partnered with a number of IT vendors to provide you with free assessments on your environment’s current state and its fit for these vendors’ solutions. Whether you are a current customer of any of our partner vendors or considering to become one, our SysTrack  Assessments will help you optimize your IT investment decisions and investments.

How does it work?


Register on the site and install SysTrack


Allow for SysTrack to analyze your environment


SysTrack assesses your environment against vendor-specific offerings and algorithms


A personalized report is generated just for you!

The report highlights IT vendor solutions and the ones that are the best fit according to SysTrack’s assessment of your environment along with relevant sizing information. 

Just one part of our SysTrack solution, assessments are an integral value proposition for our customers. But don’t just take our word for it: try one of our assessments below!

The SysTrack Windows Virtual Desktop Assessment captures endpoint-level data on performance and usage to determine environment readiness for WVD. Currently in public preview, this assessment will provide you with visibility into current OS consumption, application landscape, resource consumption considerations for WVD, and more!

We have teamed up with Microsoft to build the SysTrack Desktop Assessment for Windows 10: a solution that enables organizations to identify who to migrate, application dependencies and hardware limitations.

The SysTrack Desktop Assessment gathers in-depth information about your current hardware and software and its configuration. It also discovers how users are using their existing computing environment, by analyzing their real world software, web and network usage patterns. This helps target the most valuable use cases and validate the right solution to fit your end-users specific needs. It does all of this without requiring any commitment of time, effort or money to setup an infrastructure, as it is automatically provisioned for you in VMware’s vCloud Air.

Our unique partnership with Citrix stems from our belief that end-user experience is a critical component when selecting and deploying the best technology for any environment. Together, we created three key Systrack Assessments for Citrix to bring end-user experience insights to IT such as: compute and network resources being consumed, software portfolio overview and mobility summaries to help you either optimize your Citrix investments or assess and deploy the right Citrix solutions for you!

Do you know what proportion of your workforce depend on graphics intensive applications? Odds are, that percentage might be higher than it used to be. To answer this question particularly for those organizations that are virtualized or looking to be virtualized, we collaborated with NVIDIA to bring you our free SysTrack Desktop Assessment for NVIDIA GRID, NVIDIA’s graphics virtualization platform. This cloud-based assessment gathers insight into the user environment and provides concrete recommendations on the best GPU hardware and software combination based on usage and need. 

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