Assist is an all-in-one helpdesk workspace


Transform the Service Desk Experience

Lakeside Assist is an all-in-one workspace for Level 1 service desk staff to quickly diagnose and resolve issues. It draws on the rich underlying analytics of the Digital Experience Cloud platform while only surfacing details relevant to L1 workflows so your L1 staff can see more, know more, and do more to improve digital employee experience. 

Assist brings the value of holistic helpdesk efficiency through faster triaging, shorter first contact resolution (FCR) times, and lower mean time to resolve (MTTR). It runs as a stand-alone app or tightly integrated with ServiceNow ITSM.

Accelerate root cause analysis

Assist automatically detects and prioritizes incidents by severity of digital experience impact using Lakeside's real-time intelligent sensors. Each incident features a helpful description of the problem, suggested steps on how to quickly address the root cause, and any related auto-fixes so L1 staff can achieve resolutions within just a few clicks.

Resolve issues proactively with automation

Automation can be transformative without being complicated. With Assist, you can empower L1 staff to go beyond the original ticket request and proactively resolve other issues impacting digital employee experience with one-click auto-fixes and a toolkit of automations configured by your IT department. Lakeside provides hundreds of factory automations out of the box written by experts and packaged by use case, making it easy to get started with relevant scripts that work.

Improve holistic service desk efficiency

Assist enables L1 staff to resolve a greater range of problems without requiring additional expertise, thereby deflecting potential tickets and preventing incidents from escalating up the support chain. L1 staff can also see when issues are impacting large groups of users, which they can quickly triage with L2 support to proactively intervene and apply a widespread fix.

Capture employee feedback on support services

L1 staff can send surveys to employees within Assist to gather user feedback and sentiment after resolving an incident. IT leaders can use these insights to understand how employees feel about the quality of support they're receiving and how services can be improved.

Leverage Lakeside Assist for ITSM in ServiceNow

Access the powerful new L1 helpdesk features directly within the ServiceNow ITSM interface with Lakeside Assist for ITSM.

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