Citrix Summit 2018 | What Digital Workspace Analytics Can Do for VDI

With over 3,500 attendees, Citrix Summit was quite a hike! Lakeside had the opportunity this week to share with Citrix Service Provider (CSP) partners how to utilize digital workspace analytics to improve end-user experience with VDI. In addition, Lakeside participated in IGEL Partner Review sessions to discuss details around our upcoming product integration for simplified monitoring of virtualized endpoints.


Lakeside’s Partnership with Citrix

For 20 years, Lakeside has partnered with Citrix to bring digital workspace analytics insights into VDI environments. When it comes to helping support digital transformation projects, SysTrack provides additional, clear monitoring before, during, and after key rollouts such as new operating systems, patches and more. Lakeside was a finalist for Best of Citrix Synergy 2017 for our natural language processing capabilities within Ask SysTrack for Citrix.

In addition, partners at Citrix Summit 2018 learned about how SysTrack acts complementary to the forthcoming Citrix Analytics product. With further discussion, partners got to learn about the Citrix Analytics tool that monitors user activity abnormalities from a security standpoint and how this fits in with SysTrack’s end-user data collection. SysTrack and Citrix Analytics can be used together to provide more context around the end user from the inside-out perspective, providing insight into security and the end-user’s digital workspace.

Talking Digital Workspace Analytics at Citrix Summit 2018

This topic sparked interest in many CSP partners at this year’s Summit, since they commonly found that they had no way to measure metrics such as SLAs and end-user experience. In our booth, partners learned about SysTrack workspace analytics and how to utilize endpoint metrics to increase end-user productivity through improved system performance. With our real-time endpoint data collection, SysTrack provides insight into common use cases such as managing and provisioning workloads and speeding up troubleshooting.

Succeed with Workspace Analytics for IT


Lakeside and IGEL

Citrix partners also noted our assessment for tackling Citrix VDI deployments, a solution we developed with IGEL. We had the opportunity to discuss this partnership and our new upcoming integration during multiple IGEL Partner Review sessions. CSP partners were excited to learn about the integration of our products and how it can help them with their VDI solutions.

Further Announcements!

Some other announcements mentioned in the conference were the partnership between Citrix and Girls Who Code, sponsoring a computer science program dedicated to closing the gender gap in the tech industry. Donate to the program here! (Updated 2022: Donation closed)

We will also be attending Citrix Synergy 2018 from May 8-10 in Anaheim, California. See you there!

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