A Case Study in Revolutionizing Digital Employee Experience

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The Digital Employee Experience Challenge

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, the digital employee experience, or DEX, has emerged as a pivotal factor in driving productivity, engagement, and, ultimately, success. DEX encompasses all interactions and touchpoints an employee has with digital tools, platforms, and systems within the workplace.  

With so many touchpoints, it’s easy to imagine the challenges that come with managing the digital employee experience. Today’s modern workplaces are more complex than ever before. Think of the plethora of software applications, platforms, and communication tools you use daily – these can lead to a fragmented experience for employees. Not to mention trying to make sure everything works seamlessly for a distributed workforce in our hybrid and remote “work from anywhere” world.   

Common digital employee experience challenges for large enterprises are: 

  • Providing support to employees on (and off) various networks and locations;  
  • Lack of visibility across legacy systems and infrastructure;  
  • Overprovisioned hardware and software driving up IT costs;  
  • Inability to monitor endpoint, application, and network performance;  
  • IT disruptions and latency going unreported by employees;  
  • Ineffective root cause analysis processes to prevent identifying the crux of IT disruptions;  
  • And the list goes on.  

How One Company Prioritized the Digital Employee Experience

A recent case study illuminates the transformative impact of prioritizing the digital employee experience. Faced with the challenge of managing a globally dispersed workforce across 40 sites, a leading specialty chemicals company recognized the need to enhance IT compliance and simplify end-user management. The company’s vision? To empower employees with intuitive technology solutions that not only streamline their workflow but also prioritize their digital experience. 

Enter Capgemini, a trusted partner renowned for its expertise in digital transformation. Tasked with revolutionizing the digital employee experience for its client, Capgemini embarked on a journey to implement a solution that would seamlessly integrate with the company’s existing infrastructure while delivering tangible benefits to employees. 

At the heart of this transformation was the Lakeside SysTrack platform, an endpoint monitoring platform that leverages an embedded-AI engine and rich data set to enable IT teams to proactively resolve complex issues in real time. By using SysTrack’s capabilities, Capgemini aimed to empower employees with technology solutions that not only met their work tech needs but exceeded their expectations. 

The focus was clear: to drive outcomes that mattered to employees. Capgemini and Lakeside developed a proprietary capability that could measure the level of data encryption compliance throughout the corporate estate. Plus, SysTrack enabled the company’s IT team to quickly audit installed software to understand application usage, versions and patches in use, and overall application performance. From optimizing application performance to enhancing security compliance, every aspect of the solution was meticulously tailored to meet the needs of the end user. 

Remarkable Results from Enhanced Digital Employee Experience 

The results were impressive. The company was able to reduce technical debt, identify unused software licenses, and proactively initiate remediation to improve overall application performance – thereby improving overall digital employee experience. Through the continued use of SysTrack and Capgemini-supplied processes for monitoring and control, the company reduced security vulnerabilities, minimized support interactions, and ensured that employees maximized each application’s anticipated business value with zero friction. 

Tyrone Reece, VP Cloud & Edge Projects and Consulting at Capgemini, emphasized the importance of prioritizing the digital employee experience in today’s digital age. “Capgemini is passionate about leveraging industry-leading partners like Lakeside, alongside our specific industry expertise, to drive people experience client outcomes that matter, with speed and agility.”  

The partnership between the specialty chemicals company, Capgemini, and Lakeside is poised for further innovation. Plans include the integration of ServiceNow and utilization of sustainability measuring capabilities, aimed at continuously enhancing the digital employee experience and driving business performance. 


Simplifying Digital Employee Experience with SysTrack

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