Expanding SysTrack Desktop Assessment for VMware with AirWatch and Windows 10


VMware Windows 10 Migration and Management Assessment As a Windows 10 launch partner, Lakeside has had resounding success with helping organizations move from legacy workspace components to more modern Microsoft solutions. Now we’re pleased to announce a next step in this with VMware, specifically targeting customers that are interested in improving their enterprise mobility management (EMM) and security with VMware’s cloud-first technologies.

Available today at https://assessment.airwatch.com (https://assessment.vmware.com), the SysTrack Desktop Assessment service has been updated to integrate key metrics for implementation of AirWatch and migration to Windows 10. This means that with a free assessment, organizations can at once get a full analysis of application and user behaviors, mobility needs, and their overall readiness for Windows 10 adoption as well as a fit for VMware solutions. So, what are the details? With the new update you’re going to get two critical new pieces of functionality:

1. Windows 10 readiness and hardware analysis for an in place migration.

This specifically focuses on how AirWatch can help with management of existing or net new physical assets. One of the key considerations here is whether some physical assets require a hardware refresh either for compatibility or for performance optimization. Below the systems that would require an update are market as “Refresh and AirWatch”.

2. Risk exposure and potential security concerns through our new (and evolving) Risk Visualizer tool.

Alongside this we’ve updated the core report to reflect the overall readiness of existing physical systems that may need to stay physical (for example, systems that are highly mobile or have offline usage) to migrate directly to Windows 10.

This is all available today and absolutely free. To get started just go to https://assessment.airwatch.com (or http://assessment.vmware.com) and sign up now.

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