How CIOs Can Relax This Summer with AI-Powered DEX

It finally feels like summer (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) with temperatures heating up and holidays starting. Like many of us, IT and digital workplace leaders are ready for a break. However, for CIOs who face the dual challenge of maintaining robust IT operations while also ensuring a seamless digital employee experience (DEX), the constant pressure to keep everything running smoothly can make it difficult to relax.

But with the advent of AI purpose-built for IT, could this summer be different? Imagine having complete visibility across your entire IT estate, allowing you to not only ensure operational efficiency but also significantly enhance the digital employee experience. You may actually get to unplug during your next vacation knowing that your team has data-informed insights to anticipate and mitigate IT issues before they escalate.

The Modern CIO’s Challenge

Today’s CIOs juggle multiple responsibilities:

  • Complex IT Environments: With hybrid clouds, remote work, and an increasing number of devices, managing IT has never been more complex.
  • Enhancing Employee Experience: Providing employees with the tools and systems they need to be productive and satisfied in their roles is critical for overall business success.
  • Operational Efficiency: Ensuring systems run smoothly with minimal downtime is a critical yet daunting task.
  • Budget Constraints: “Do more with less” seems to be a continuous mantra forcing IT leaders to look critically at all hardware and software expenses.

These challenges can lead to long hours, stress, and little time for relaxation. But what if there was a way to simplify IT operations and enhance the digital employee experience?

Enter AI-Powered DEX

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing DEX by providing tools that offer unprecedented visibility and control. If you’re ready for vacation mode, here’s how AI can help you feel confident enough to take a break this summer:

1. Comprehensive Visibility Across the IT Estate

There’s only one AI-driven DEX platform built on the industry’s best data: The SysTrack Intelligence Package. SysTrack’s patented data collection and storage allows the platform to aggregate and analyze vastly more endpoint and telemetry data than anyone in the world. It then structures this extensive amount of data in a way that allows IT to extract actionable insights, make data-driven decisions, and see measurable returns. 

This holistic visibility allows you to monitor performance, detect issues, and ensure everything runs smoothly. With the SysTrack Intelligence Package, you can identify and resolve problems before they impact employees, ensuring a seamless digital experience.

2. Proactive Monitoring and Issue Resolution

Gone are the days of reactive IT. With SysTrack, organizations are empowered with proactive and predictive capabilities. The embedded AI engine analyzes patterns to predict and prevent failures. It not only proactively identifies issues before an influx in help desk tickets but also recognizes the precursors to disruption to predict issues before they occur.  By resolving issues before they affect employees, SysTrack ensures that your team can work without disruptions, enhancing their overall experience.

3. Providing Actionable Insights

The SysTrack Intelligence Package makes it easier than ever to gleaning relevant insights from the 10,000 datapoints collected every 15 second from every endpoint. It generates actionable insights from vast amounts of data, helping you understand how your IT infrastructure supports employee activities. These insights can guide strategic decisions to enhance DEX, from improving system performance to adopting new technologies. For example, one customer was able to use Lakeside’s proprietary AI model to proactively detect an anomaly impacting 10 percent of its employees, saving time and money that would have been lost due to productivity disruptions across hundreds of employees.

It’s Time to Embrace AI-Powered DEX

This summer, leverage the SysTrack Intelligence Package to transform your IT management approach and enhance the digital employee experience. With comprehensive visibility, proactive monitoring, and actionable insights, CIOs can finally step back and enjoy a well-deserved break. It’s time to embrace AI-powered DEX and let the technology handle the complexities, ensuring a productive and satisfying digital experience for your employees while you relax and recharge.

Here’s to a stress-free, enjoyable summer for all the hardworking CIOs out there!

Ready to relax this summer?

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