IGEL Disrupting End-User Computing

This year at EUC Disrupt, IGEL made it clear that it is pushing to disrupt the tech field for the VDI community. With  IGEL shifting their focus to software, the company is holding a brand-new conference, IGEL Disrupt: End-User Computing Forum, with the theme of changing the way people view end-user computing. Disrupt is a three-part event series that gives people the opportunity to participate in workshop sessions to further the discussion about EUC, VDI, and security.

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Disrupt Event Highlights

One of the popular activities was the Gartner Session featuring Nathan Hill (Research VP of Gartner) as the thought leader in endpoint computing strategies. He discussed that while PC delivery isn’t dead, it’s no longer adequate as a solution for a growing number of the workforce. Hill also talked about how deskbound workers have decreased by 14% in the past 3 years and the mix of workers will continue to grow.

The Talk Show with IGEL partners was also a heavily-attend event. It featured speakers including our very own Lakeside’s CEO, Mike Schumacher, as a visionary for workspace analytics. Mike discussed the value of having an inside-out point of view on the endpoint and how our integration with IGEL enhances that on any IGEL OS endpoint. If you missed his talk, you can view it here:

Finally, of course, the Tesla drawing was a heavily attended event! The lucky winner was announced at the live streamed event! What an exciting beginning to the year and to this new conference!

What’s New with IGEL?

Disrupt was marked with at-length discussions around end-user experience. During their session, Gartner made it a point to highlight end-user experience management and the importance of considering the end-user perspective when managing IT environments. Similarly, Lakeside and IGEL introduced attendees to their new partnership, which gives endpoint visibility to IT teams with IGEL-powered endpoints. This new partnership comes as an enhancement to IGEL and Lakeside’s existing integration that helps teams right-size and plan their IGEL thin-client environment.

IGEL has a number of exciting projects happening this year, and with the VDI market expecting to grow 27% during 2016-2023, it is no surprise why we’ve seen an uptick in organizations interested in IGEL’s offerings. 2018 brings with it exciting new partnerships, not in the least is our Lakeside and IGEL end-user computing solution.

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