Plan your virtualization project with the IGEL Thin Client Planning report

IGEL Thin Client Planning report

Plenty has been written about the benefits of virtualizing computing infrastructure. For users, it increases flexibility by giving them access to their data and apps from anywhere, and for IT, it simplifies management by streamlining the environment and centralizing critical assets. Planning to implement VDI can be a complicated task, and planning for which physical assets should be converted and which type of virtualization hardware to use is a big portion of that task. IGEL offers a variety of solutions to connect to virtual infrastructure, from zero clients to multi-protocol thin clients, and even software that repurposes existing hardware as a thin client. We’ve partnered with IGEL and introduced the IGEL Thin Client Planning report through our MarketPlace program.

Available now from the SysTrack Kits portal, importing the MarketPlace Kit will automatically configure the IGEL Thin Client Planning report to be made available as an SSRS report from the Visualizer Reporting area or Report Center. The theme of the report is highlighting the value of IGEL’s solutions through discussion and usage of SysTrack data collected in the environment. Here’s a quick overview of a few of the topics discussed in the report.

Workstation Types

Workstation Types GraphicIt may seem like a basic idea, but the reality of keeping an accurate inventory of hardware assets can be very complicated. If you’re managing hundreds or thousands of physical devices it becomes a cumbersome task to maintain updated records about those devices. The IGEL Thin Client Planning report provides a simple chart that visually breaks down the mix of workstation types – desktops, laptops, or existing virtual machines. This takes the effort out of developing and maintaining that list yourself, and serves as a great baseline about which portion of devices may perform best as virtual machines with IGEL hardware to connect to them.

Enterprise Health and Age

The health score, a well-established concept in SysTrack, is a quantitative measure of the quality of service the end user is enjoying. It serves as a terrific indicator of where issues impacting the user exist, and can also be used to identify which devices may benefit the most from an IGEL solution. Combining that with the age of the physical devices, a great indicator of which systems are in line for a hardware refresh, provides a powerful look at the current state of the hardware and its associated performance.

Enterprise Health and Age


Using datasets like workstation type, health, and device age are all great ways to begin planning which systems fit best with an IGEL solution. Beyond those types of datasets, the IGEL Thin Client Planning report also makes a basic recommendation of whether a system is recommended for an IGEL thin client versus continuation of a traditional thick client. The recommendation is made based on hardware specs and system health details.


Check out the full report by importing the MarketPlace Kit to your SysTrack environment. Whether you’re planning a full-scale virtualization project, thinking about a basic hardware refresh, or planning a migration project to move your devices to Windows 10, it needs to be done carefully and planned for using the right data. IGEL offers solutions for a variety of use cases and worker profiles, and the IGEL Thin Client Planning report will get you the insight required for making decisions on which solution is the best for you.



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