Unlocking a Better View into Dell Wyse Thin Clients 

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In today’s dynamic work environment, ensuring seamless access to resources is paramount for organizations striving to maintain productivity and efficiency. Organizations that turn to VDI need smarter user experience, stronger security and easier IT management. Dell provides thin client devices to do just that and a secure hybrid cloud management solution with its Wyse Management Suite. 

However, despite the flexibility of Dell Wyse, organizations often face challenges in gaining comprehensive visibility into endpoint performance. The inability to correlate performance issues with end-user productivity can hinder IT’s ability to optimize resources effectively. 

Understanding End-User Experience

How is the end-user experience impacted by the endpoint? This question lies at the heart of the challenge faced by IT teams managing Dell Wyse endpoints. Without granular visibility into metrics such as CPU usage, memory consumption, and network performance, IT struggles to identify and address issues impacting end-user productivity. 

To address this challenge, Lakeside has partnered with Dell to integrate its SysTrack platform with Dell thin clients. SysTrack captures the most telemetry data of any solution on the market. With the latest integration with Dell thin clients, it offers real-time visibility into endpoint performance metrics directly from Dell Wyse-powered devices. This integration provides IT teams with actionable insights into end-user experience, enabling them to monitor, evaluate, and optimize their environment effectively – all without having to purchase a separate SysTrack license for the thin client. 

Empowering IT with Comprehensive Visibility

With SysTrack integrated into Dell Wyse, organizations can gain end-to-end visibility into their VDI user experience, from the fingertips of end users to the data center. This enhanced visibility empowers IT teams to optimize resources, improve end-user experience, and drive organizational productivity. 

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