VMware Guest Blog: SysTrack Cloud Edition for VMware vCloud Air

I’m Aaron Black, Senior Product Manager in End-User Computing at VMware, and over the course of the last few months I’ve been pleased to work with Lakeside Software to provide the SysTrack Desktop Assessment (SDA) service to our customers and partners. This cloud-based analytical solution collects system data from physical and virtual desktops to provide detailed data points useful for the planning and adoption of the VMware Horizon platform.  To date, SDA has analyzed thousands of end points and provided our customers and partners almost 2000 detailed reports, based on the customer’s specific environmental data, and focusing on Horizon products and technologies.  This helps customers and partners better understand their own environment and use a data-driven approach to architect the right products and solutions.

VMworld has arrived in the US and I’m happy to join Lakeside in announcing the introduction of SysTrack Cloud Edition for vCloud Air, an expansion of the functionality of the existing SDA offering that provides steady state management and continuous assessment from a SaaS-based  platform. This marks a great opportunity for VMware customers to continue leveraging the powerful insights from SysTrack throughout the lifecycle of their projects. Even more importantly it provides the ability for customers to have quantitative insight into the user experience throughout the implementation of VMware’s product portfolio.  This gives our customers the confidence to move forward with the security to know when they’ve succeeded in their desktop transformations projects.

SysTrack Cloud Edition for VMware vCloud Air provides several areas of key value:

  1. Data Driven Validation– With no added complexity SysTrack Cloud Edition provides a single point of reference for verifying that the environment has been improved through the use of VMware’s powerful portfolio.
  2. Scalable, Flexible Architecture– Ramp up and down as necessary for data collection with minimal or no local infrastructure requirements.
  3. Cross Platform Reporting – This solution supports virtual desktops, both persistent and non-persistent, and physical workstations. That means that as your environment evolves the data collection continues uninterrupted throughout.

SysTrack Cloud Edition for vCloud Air is helping make our customers’ transformations effective and efficient, resulting in faster adoption and more rapid expansion. As we continue our rapid innovation at VMware with expansion in key end-user computing areas it’s becoming more and more critical to have assessment, characterization, and validation of what we are providing customers as we modernize their computing estate. To learn more read Lakeside’s white paper on SysTrack Cloud Edition for vCloud Air, and also make sure to visit the registration site to find out more about getting started with your own project.

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