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As business priorities shift and evolve at rapid rates, IT faces a growing need to be agile and responsive leaders within organizations. This means being ready with the right data to balance market realities, expense planning, technical risks, and employee experience across the enterprise.

Green IT DEX pack

Green IT
Put sustainability at the forefront of business strategy through employee experience

The Green IT DEX pack helps businesses reduce the footprint of their org through technology performance, usage, and planning. The pack provides deep insights into consumption within an IT estate while highlighting opportunities to reduce. This means IT leaders can leverage real employee endpoint data to inform hardware purchases, lifecycle planning, VM optimization, and employee education. With the Green IT DEX pack, Lakeside helps businesses translate employee experience data into transformative sustainability initiatives

Google Workspace DEX pack

Google Workspace
Optimize productivity and experience across Google Applications

The Google Workspace DEX pack surfaces key application performance and usage metrics to reveal which apps impact productivity across the organization. The pack goes beyond uptime checks by collecting data from the edge and analyzing load time by application, persona group, and system.

Optimizing enterprise-wide collaboration and experience on Teams.

Microsoft Teams
Optimize enterprise-wide collaboration and experience on Teams

The Microsoft Teams DEX pack helps IT manage, troubleshoot, and optimize Teams performance through genuine employee device data. This pack surfaces detailed analysis of resource consumption and application versions, providing a full picture of health and experience for IT. Whether a desktop engineer or an IT manager, the Microsoft Teams DEX pack makes the right data readily available to help:

Proactive IT DEX pack

Proactive IT
Solve issues before they’re felt by employees

The Proactive IT DEX pack provides expanded visibility into potential problems across the IT estate that are likely to impact employees. The pack is equipped with specialized dashboards to reveal endpoint, application, and compliance insights with both high-level and detailed views so that IT can take action to improve employee experience in real time. The Proactive IT DEX pack’s powerful analysis helps IT teams:

SQL Server Administration DEX pack

SQL Server Administration
Manage SQL server health for peak efficiency in the workplace

The SQL Server Administration DEX pack automates inventorying and monitoring performance of SQL servers. The health information included in the pack helps SQL server administrators understand how servers are affected by system issues such as network, hardware, and events with daily breakdowns of performance metrics. By analyzing servers, instances, and databases through the lens of IT estate health, this solution helps IT

Detect employee-facing application issues without a ticket.

Synthetic Transactions
Detect employee-facing application issues without a ticket

The Synthetic Transaction DEX pack aggregates the results of simulated user interactions for continuous monitoring of crucial workflows. The prescriptive dashboard surfaces load time and health trends at an estate and system level, daily and over 30 days trending. Tracking the health impacts of system issues with a synthetically crafted user transaction allows IT get in front of issues

Simplify your IT estate’s readiness and rollout of Windows 11.

Windows 11 Migration
Simplify your IT estate’s readiness and rollout of Windows 11

The Windows 11 Migration DEX pack helps IT accelerate the journey to Windows 11 with employee experience in mind. From planning to launch, the pack assesses the readiness of hardware and applications within an estate, identifies actions to take pre-migration, and continuously reports on progress and performance throughout the rollout. The Windows 11 Migration pack’s real-time visibility and analytics helps IT

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