Realizing XLAs: How IT Can Use End-User Experience to Define Success for Service Providers


Guest speaker Andrew Hewitt, senior analyst at Forrester

John Lynch, Lakeside’s Head of Content Strategy

Geoff Hixon, Senior Director of Sales Engineering


In distributed digital workplaces, IT is increasingly challenged to deliver an optimized digital experience to the end user. A big part of this challenge is insight into the value that external service providers are delivering.

To gauge service performance, IT leaders are turning to experience level agreements (XLAs), a contract between a service provider and a customer that is founded on the quality of employee experience.

For new adopters, questions remain on how businesses can identify IT service performance metrics, create XLAs that complement service-level agreements, and stand up and measure those metrics.

In this webinar, our guest speaker, senior Forrester analyst Andrew Hewitt, joins the Lakeside team to break down how XLAs can be created and implemented and discuss how a focus on end-user experience can deliver new levels of value for businesses.