Fair Use Policy

As part of our commitment to providing fast and reliable service, Lakeside Software has implemented a Fair Use Policy for SysTrack Cloud.

EFFECTIVE DATE: 09/01/2022

Why do we have a Fair Use Policy?

Lakeside Software is a multi-tenant cloud service. That means our products and the resources that support them are shared by several of our customers. To ensure that all tenants are provided with adequate resources, all must participate within a reasonable set of guidelines when using the platform. If one user or tenant consumes an unexpectedly high amount of resources for an extended period of time, this can affect the other tenants sharing those resources.

Most users consume the SysTrack Cloud services well within the boundaries of the Fair Use Policy today. Even though a small number of users may use an unusually significant amount of resources, it can affect the overall experience of other users. This Fair Use Policy establishes limitations to reduce inappropriate consumption, to ensure the service is available to everyone.

The Fair Use Policy

Performance of the SysTrack Cloud is monitored continuously. Only those tenants and users that generate exceptionally high load over a sustained period will be affected by this policy, its details are defined below.

SysTrack Group Limits per tenant

  • Maximum of 25 Groups enabled in Visualizer/vScape

Maximum of 25 Groups enabled in Visualizer/vScape

  • Maximum of 50 rows inserted per day per licensed endpoint across all VUs, custom or enabled, beyond default
  • Maximum of 25 columns per custom VU
  • Maximum of 100 million rows per VU

API usage

  • May only call publicly documented APIs*

*Direct API calls should only be made with authorized tenant service API accounts provided by Lakeside Software

API limits per API Account (Tier I) –default

  • Calls per minute: 1000
  • Data per day: 1GB
  • Data per hour: 500MB

API limits per API Account (Tier II) – contact your account representative

  • Calls per minute: 2000
  • Data per day: 2GB
  • Data per hour: 1GB

API limits per API Account (Tier III) – contact your account representative

  • Calls per minute: 3000
  • Data per day: 4GB
  • Data per hour: 2GB

*Direct API calls are those that are made outside of the product UI and not from the collection agents themselves.

Extenuating Circumstances

Lakeside Software understands that customers may occasionally produce data volume outside their normal usage patterns and may well exceed the Fair Use Policy. In those cases, Lakeside Software requests a minimum of a 30-day notice for evaluation, such use may incur additional costs.

Non-Compliance Penalties

Should a user or tenant operate outside the boundaries of this Fair Use Policy, Lakeside Software reserves the right to:

  • Throttle the usage of the service to force compliance
  • Remove all additional data beyond the Fair Use Policy limits
  • Change the configuration of SysTrack to align to this Fair Use Policy
  • Terminate the tenant agreement entirely

Changes to the Fair Use Policy

The Fair Use Policy may be updated by Lakeside Software at any time and will be made available in this