SysTrack provides Digital Experience Monitoring for Windows 10 and Office 365

When it comes to Windows operating systems and Microsoft Office applications, awareness of end-user experience is key to understanding the quality of application delivery from the user's perspective, which is a potential proxy for understanding the health of business IT. SysTrack is architected to quantify Windows operating system and Office application performance, all from the standpoint of the end-user experience. In doing so, SysTrack provides you with actionable endpoint telemetry and insights that you can use to eliminate and avoid roadblocks to end-user productivity as the business migrates to cloud services and SaaS. 

Margaret Arakawa General Manager
Windows 10 & Devices, Microsoft

"Lakeside Software provides essential IT telemetry for Windows 10 with their SysTrack end-user analytics platform. SysTrack helps customers reduce helpdesk costs and improve risk management by providing an ‘inside out’ view of desktop performance and user interactions."

Microsoft Integrations

SysTrack provides essential telemetry for Windows 10

Desktop Transformation

SysTrack assists customers at all stages of Windows 10 adoption and use, including readiness planning, during a migration, and even post-migration to assure the quality of the migrated users experience meets company expectations. Also key to post migration success is identifying areas that can be targeted to improve user experience and overall business productivity. Whether you’re considering migrating physical or virtual desktops to Windows 10 we’ve partnered with Microsoft to offer you a one-stop-shop assessment at


Office 365 is no longer just a suite of stand-alone cloud services. Microsoft is delivering its most important new features for its collaboration, communication, content and social offerings through a unified platform, including Skype and Exchange. Given this, it's no surprise that many of the most common questions we receive involve the move to and monitoring of Office 365 services. SysTrack assists with both aligning Office licenses to user needs, as well as provides visibility and analytics of usage, root cause analysis, and SLA.

Datacenter Modernization

Legacy data center systems and workloads are a massive problem in the enterprise.

  • What application connections are necessary?
  • What resource consumption do we expect for applications?
  • What kind of user experience do people get today?
  • How many backend dependencies does this application require?

End-User Experience in SCOM


System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) has been a critical tool in the arsenal of IT teams tasked with maintaining an active environment. Lakeside now provides an ideal complement to this tool by providing direct end-user computing telemetry and user experience directly in SCOM through an official management pack.


Microsoft Assessments

Is your environment ready for a Windows 10 migration? Let us help! Pinpoint which users and endpoints are the best candidates for Windows 10 and identify any issues or concerns for application dependencies and hardware limitations that require remediation prior to Windows 10 upgrade.

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