Achieving Greater Resilience with Holistic Visibility

An IT team’s ability to see across the entire IT system monitoring environment can help your organization’s help desk management systems gain insights into emerging issues before they become significant problems. With this expanded visibility, IT can start building up greater resilience. With the right IT system management tools, IT desks can predict and solve problems before users complain, resulting in lower service desk ticket volumes and minimized downtime.

Shifting from reactive to proactive IT helps organizations to better meet business outcomes because IT costs and employee productivity are key performance indicators (KPIs). The benefits include:

Increased IT efficiency and scalability

Lower IT costs

Reduced downtime and higher productivity

Enhanced digital experience and employee satisfaction

Take appropriate action with recommended solutions

Understand and Proactively Optimize the User Environment with a Single Source of Truth

The Digital Experience Cloud Platform, Powered by Systrack

Lakeside Software’s digital experience management platform helps you proactively measure, analyze, and optimize your employees’ digital experience anywhere they are working. By capturing and analyzing the industry’s deepest set of end-user experience data, our solution provides rapid insights that allow your IT teams to prioritize and proactively address the most urgent challenges affecting employees’ digital experience.

Improve End-User Productivity

Reduced Employee Downtime

Accelerate Digital Transformation

#1 Rated Digital Experience Management Platform

Most anticipated tool in our VDI optimization

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Fantastic insights into EUC estate

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