Lakeside Software Extends SysTrack MarketPlace Reporting with CloudVolumes, Adallom and Dell ChangeBASE Interoperability

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Bloomfield Hills, MI ― August 25, 2014 ― Lakeside Software, the leading provider of IT business intelligence solutions that optimize end-user experience, today announced immediate availability of interoperability with leading technology vendors CloudVolumes (acquired by VMware on August 20, 2014), Adallom and Dell Software whereby detailed reporting of these vendors’ products will be available within SysTrack MarketPlace.

  • CloudVolumes: The CloudVolumes Environmental Workload Assessment report uses SysTrack’s detailed user characterization to discover unique use cases and plan meaningful user grouping for software delivery using the unique workload and application management available from CloudVolumes.
  • Adallom: The Adallom Risk Profile report identifies potential security risks in the environment by providing data such as which third-party cloud services are being used, outdated browsers and applications, and anomalous user behavior that could pose security risks.
  • Dell ChangeBASE: The Dell ChangeBASE Application Rationalization report provides detailed information about the enterprise software portfolio. Information such as most used applications, application complexity, resource consumption, and graphically intensive applications is outlined to provide a starting point for ChangeBASE analysis and steady-state management of the software portfolio.

SysTrack MarketPlace

SysTrack MarketPlace provides detailed analysis for sizing and selecting hardware, software and service infrastructure from over 25 leading IT infrastructure technology companies. MarketPlace provides a single source for IT professionals to get the quantified data they need to maximize the performance of their infrastructure, accelerate ROI and help maximize end-user experience.

MarketPlace reports are 100% customized for a specific vendor solution and provide only the data most relevant for analysis of that solution. They are developed through close consultation between Lakeside Software and each solution vendor that ensures each report reflects a deep understanding of the solution and provides critical and appropriate intelligence.

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Supporting Quotes

Dan Salinas, vice president of business development, Lakeside Software: “We are delighted to welcome Adallom, CloudVolumes and Dell ChangeBASE to the SysTrack MarketPlace. These three leading technology vendors are utilizing SysTrack data to drive improved insight into end user computing critical to deployment, optimization and security to receive maximum performance and value.”

Harry Labana, SVP and chief product officer, CloudVolumes: “The information gathered from SysTrack gives IT the insight they need to optimize their workload and application management using CloudVolumes. CloudVolumes is excited to work with Lakeside to offer customers this detailed reporting to help jumpstart their virtualization projects and simplify management and increase the efficiency of applications within the datacenter and cloud.”

Tal Klein, vice president of marketing, Adallom: “Adallom extends visibility, governance and protection to any cloud application delivered as-a-service. SysTrack collects relevant user data to generate a security risk profile that assists in identifying risky device configuration and user behavior. We’re thrilled to be working with Lakeside to enable safe cloud adoption in the enterprise.”

Ann Maya, general manager of ChangeBASE, Dell Software: “With ChangeBASE, IT can automate application compatibility testing, application remediation, application packaging, and application virtualization to reduce the risk of migrating while ensuring application readiness. The information gathered from SysTrack provides a starting point for ChangeBASE analysis and steady-state management of the software portfolio.”

About Lakeside Software

Lakeside Software is the leading provider of Big Data for End-User Computing. Lakeside provides organizations with the data-driven knowledge to make better decisions that drive business success. More than 2,000 organizations in over 60 countries use SysTrack to better understand and empower their workforce. Visit for more information.

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