Lakeside Software Ignites Microsoft Windows 10 Business Launch

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Bloomfield Hills, MI ― October 6, 2015

Lakeside Software, provider of the leading end user analytics platform, today announced that it will be one of the top global partners participating in Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 “Ignite Your Business” showcase events.

Microsoft selected Lakeside to participate in these events because of the importance of endpoint insights to realizing maximum benefit from a Windows 10 migration. With endpoint management consuming half of the IT budget, every organization needs real-time visibility into their endpoints on multiple dimensions including performance, health, user experience, risk, efficiency, and more in order to make the right migration decisions. Additionally, SysTrack from Lakeside Software provides powerful and intuitive assessment and readiness capabilities that help make the migration to Windows 10 simple and efficient.

The “Ignite Your Business” roadshows are rolling out this fall to 12 cities across the United States, to help IT pros, developers and technical decision makers understand why Windows 10 is the best platform for their business. Interested businesses can register for an event at

Attend an “Ignite Your Business” event to learn more about how SysTrack helps businesses deploy and fully exploit the exciting capabilities of Windows 10 by drawing insights that enable IT to optimize user experience, mitigate patching and risk, minimize cost, and make better decisions.

Supporting Quotes

Margaret Arakawa, general manager, Windows 10 & Devices, Microsoft: “Customers tell us that dramatically improved security and end-user experience are critical requirements, and among the primary reasons they are rapidly adopting Windows 10. We’re excited to be working with our partner Lakeside Software who provides essential IT telemetry for Windows 10 with their SysTrack end-user analytics platform. Their solution helps customers reduce helpdesk costs and improve risk management by providing an ‘inside out’ view of desktop performance and user interactions.”

Michael Schumacher, chief executive officer, Lakeside Software: “The enterprise desktop has become increasingly cloudy – divided among services delivered by IT, SaaS providers, and end-users themselves. With Microsoft-managed automatic updates, Windows 10 is the first step in the evolution of the desktop itself into a cloud service. Since cloud services are being delivered from SaaS providers, IT doesn’t have a privileged vantage point from which to monitor and manage their delivery. SysTrack empowers IT administrators with granular visibility from the endpoint out, enabling them to quantify Windows 10 performance and optimize end user experience by providing actionable telemetry and insights for both on-premises and cloud-delivered services.”

About Lakeside Software

Lakeside Software provides IT organizations worldwide with tools for desktop transformation, asset optimization, security, incident resolution, and continuous assessment. SysTrack, Lakeside Software’s End User Computing Success Platform, enables IT to continuously understand the state and optimize the performance of EUC environments, both physical and virtual. SysTrack empowers IT to maximize visibility, minimize costs, automate support, and make evidence-based decisions. Visit for more information.

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